Send Dogecoin (DOGE)

Instant Transaction

You can carry out the process of sending your Dogecoin balance to another Dogecoin wallet on the same day with Metavest. You can make the transaction of sending your Dogecoin balance to another Dogecoin wallet from the "Deposit/Withdraw" menu on the Metavest site, from the "Withdraw Dogecoin" page. Here's a step-by-step guide to the process on the DOGE Withdrawal (Dogecoin Send) page:

Adding a new DOGE address

First, you need to add the address to which you will send Dogecoin to your account. Click on the "Add a New DOGE Address" button. On the pop-up screen, you can type anything in the "Account Name" field, and in the "DOGE Address" field, you enter the address you want to send money to. Then, we register the account by clicking on the "Add Account" button.

Determining the amount of DOGE to be sent and sending it

In the "How much Dogecoin do you want to withdraw?" form, we specify how much Dogecoin we want to send. If we press the "+" button, all the Dogecoin amounts we can send from our account will be reflected in the form field. We select the DOGE address we want to send and click the "Withdraw Dogecoin" button. When we press the "Withdraw Dogecoin" button, it will ask for our 2FA password, we enter it and confirm the transaction.

Confirming the sending process

We have carried out all the necessary operations to send Dogecoin, but for one last check and security, an email confirmation will come to your registered email address. In the email, you will see how much DOGE you will send to which DOGE address, when you click the "Confirm" button, your transaction will be immediately activated.

What Should You Do Before the Dogecoin Withdrawal Process?

Before starting the Dogecoin withdrawal process, you must activate "Advanced Membership" and Google Authenticator two-step verification.

How to Apply for "Advanced Membership"?

You can apply for "Advanced Membership" from the "My Account" panel in the menu where your name is written on the Metavest app. For detailed information about "Advanced Membership", you can check the links on our support page.


How to Activate Google Authenticator Two-Step Verification?
To ensure the security of the Dogecoin sending transaction, you need to activate the Google Authenticator application for two-step verification. You can activate the Google Authenticator on the Metavest site from the "Security Settings" panel in the menu where your name is written. For detailed information about the Google Authenticator activation process, you can check the links on our support page.


After completing the "Advanced Membership" process and activating the Google Authenticator two-step security application, you can perform the withdrawal from the "Dogecoin Withdraw" panel in the "Deposit/Withdraw" menu. In the Wallet Address section located on the panel, add the wallet address you want to send Dogecoin to. After entering the amount of Dogecoin you want to withdraw in the Withdraw Amount (DOGE) section, click the "Withdraw Dogecoin" button. If you want to withdraw your entire balance, you can press the (+) symbol.

You need to do Google Authenticator verification before pressing the "Withdraw Dogecoin" button. Then, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. You must confirm the transaction using the link in the email. Withdrawal requests that do not have email confirmation are not processed.

If the email does not reach you, you can use the link on the same page to have the confirmation email sent again.

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