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It’s about time that wealth management has changed for good.

We simplify wealth management with the power of crypto. 
Access competitive rates, private & hedge funds, DeFi-backed products with Metavest.

Partnered with the Top Actors in the Field

  • bilira
  • transfero
  • brztoken
  • fireblocks
  • sumsub

What is all the fuss about?

Portfolio Management

Simplifiying non-tech-savy users’ decision-making and investment proccesses

Competitive Rates

Using DeFi-backed assets to offer competitive rates & power of non-intermediary finance

Access to Private & Hedge Funds

Enabling retail investors to access different types of crypto funds

Fiat On/Off Ramp Solutions

Integrating fiat currencies with multiple local stablecoins to facilitate on/off ramp operations

En Route to Financial Freedom

  • Battle-tested Architecture
    Battle-tested Architecture

    MPC-powered custody solution partners

  • icon Data Protection
    Data Protection

    Granular access control with leakproof security infrastructure

  • icon Secure by Design
    Secure by Design

    Bio-protection and 2FA to tighten up your account's security

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Simplified to the bits

Our team of designers have created the easiest-to-use neo-banking app yet. Explore Metavest’s capability of simplifying the most complex while earning right away.
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