MANTRA OMniverse

2 August 2023

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MANTRA is a vertically integrated blockchain ecosystem, short for mantra. The DAO, MANTRA Nodes, a blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service company, MANTRA Chain, a protocol for multiple assets for the Cosmos ecosystem, and MANTRA Finance, a DeFi platform that introduces DeFi's speed and transparency to the world of TradFi, are all included in the MANTRA OMniverse.


MANTRA is a vertically integrated blockchain ecosystem that was introduced in 2020. The ecosystem, formerly known as MANTRA DAO, has a reputation for taking an open and sincere approach to cryptocurrency trading, fund-building, and innovation. This is all done in an effort to make crypto-pioneering more private, secure, and safe.

What is the OMniverse, exactly?

The rebranding of MANTRA coincided with its reformation into the MANTRA ecosystem, often known as the OMniverse. The vast array of goods and services that MANTRA provides to both institutional and individual investors is represented by the four stacks that make up the OMniverse. Each of the four stacks—MANTRA Nodes, MANTRA Chain, MANTRA Finance, and MANTRA DAO—contains a variety of cutting-edge goods that are part of the MANTRA ecosystem.

Nodes in MANTRA

The cornerstone of the vertically integrated stack that serves as the OMniverse's framework is MANTRA Nodes. The main goal of the node operations is to increase the number of yield-earning opportunities across several blockchains in order to increase revenue for the company and the holdings of the Sherpa community. These validator nodes also assist MANTRA in expanding its institutional ecosystem and establishing a footprint on fresh and developing blockchain networks. Additionally, it creates possibilities for MANTRA's multi-chain DeFi ecosystem to develop.
Additionally, MANTRA provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which entails the establishment of validator node operations for both organizations and private persons. The MANTRA Nodes service line also offers node management, institutional nodes, cloud / white-label node creation and deployment, retail staking (on- and off-chain), and node administration.

MANTRA Chain The Cosmos ecosystem's protocol is called MANTRA Chain. With the help of the IBC module, it can communicate with other blockchains in Cosmos, giving developers the tools and the chance to create everything from safe decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to games and web3 apps. The network is also EVM-compatible, combining the adaptability and dependability of the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems in a setting that is welcoming to developers.

For all KYC & AML requirements, MANTRA Chain additionally makes use of a potent decentralized identify (DID) module. The module makes it easier to create products that make use of improved ecosystems and features.


The mission of MANTRA Finance is to create a platform that will provide the established but opaque TradFi market the speed and transparency of DeFi. The platform will enable people from all around the world to trade, issue, and profit from digital assets in a permissionless and non-custodial manner.


Since its start, MANTRA has placed a strong emphasis on incorporating the community at every stage; the transparent governance structure serves as the glue that binds the people. M DAO wants to transfer this story and structure to other projects and their numerous protocols in order to reach a larger community outside of the OMniverse and Sherpas.
The stack provides DAO services that safely improve the effectiveness of numerous DAOs' operational business processes, from accounting to human resource management. Treasury management, DAO issuance and launchpads, DAO governance and grants, DAO staking and DeFi are a few examples of DAO solutions.
Successful DAO collaborations include ZENSTAR, the first substrate-based money-market established on the Astar network on Polkadot, and HeliSwap, the first DEX & DAO on the Hedera network.

The OM Token

The OM Token, which serves a variety of purposes, includes the following: Governance: OM stakeholders can submit suggestions, vote on governance issues, and suggest changes to a variety of products throughout the OMniverse.Staking: For passive yield generating, OM can be directly staked on the MANTRA web app for DAO Token Access/Airdrops: OM stakers have exclusive access to new DAO token issuances as well as joint DAO token airdrops.

Closing remarks

While MANTRA strives to build a secure, safe, and private ecosystem for its users, it's crucial to always keep in mind that there are hazards associated with the cryptocurrency sector. Understanding the MANTRA infrastructure will help you better comprehend the services offered within the OMniverse.

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