A road map is a method of business planning that outlines the short- and long-term objectives of a specific project within a flexible anticipated schedule. The roadmap for a startup or an emerging product should outline the project's objectives and vision as well as the development milestones and a rough time estimate for completing each milestone. Internally, the roadmap serves as a strategic vision for the development team, including specific objectives and deadlines for releasing a finished product. Additionally, it assigns a sense of priority to particular tasks depending on the intended organization of the final result. The roadmap serves as a gauge for the speed and success of the developing product as well as insight into the project's direction and ambition for investors. The roadmap is frequently displayed in a streamlined format as a flow diagram with development goals in boxes and approximate completion deadlines, designating the various stages of key product development and milestones. The launch of a testnet or a mainnet are two examples of roadmap milestones.