A cryptocurrency that is experiencing a significant upward market trend is said to be "mooning," a phrase that is frequently used as a verb. The term "to the moon," which expresses a firm conviction that the price of a certain cryptocurrency will soon increase dramatically, is another frequent usage of the expression. The financial and cryptocurrency ecosystem has given rise to several terminology and colloquialisms (slang, memes), just like many other specialized professions. The phrase "moon" is frequently used within the cryptocurrency community, particularly among investors and traders, even if its use is not restricted to the blockchain sector. However, in actual usage, it appears that the phrase is overused because a clear upward tendency is not always there. It's important to note that many cryptocurrency supporters and influencers utilize the idiom when trying to convince people online via social media, claiming that a certain coin or token is poised to fly to the moon. In reality, however, the majority of them are merely "shilling their own bags," or attempting to sway the markets in favor of their own holdings.