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Why buy Stargate (STG)?

Stargate Finance, constructed on LayerZero, provides a cross-chain bridge solution that simplifies and streamlines token trading across different blockchains. As a multi-blockchain platform, it supports various networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Fantom. Additionally, Stargate Finance leverages LayerZero's infrastructure to establish liquidity pools featuring appealing interest rates for investors, positioning itself as a promising project in the DeFi landscape.

  • Battle-tested Architecture
    Digital gold

    Limited supply of Bitcoin available makes it a desirable asset.

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    King of crypto

    It was the first cryptocurrency and remains the most prominent.

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    High liquidity

    Bitcoin is in high demand and can easily be sold off for cash.

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    Easy to spend and swap

    Bitcoin is the most widely accepted cryptocurrency in the world.

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Benefits of buying Stargate with Metavest

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    Why Metavest? The answer is crystal clear.

    Simplified wealth management powered by crypto

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      Browse through crypto market and manage your portfolio

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      Quickly swap between your favorite crypto assets

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      Invest with competitive rates backed by DeFi and crypto hedge funds

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      Earn special prizes to grow your portfolio with regularly updated campaigns & events

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