Investors in cryptocurrencies who refuse to sell their holdings, regardless of price changes, are known by the term "HODL." When consumers choose not to sell their coins despite the price decline during a bear market, this phrase is more frequently employed. Later, the term "HODL" was modified to stand for "Hold On for Dear Life" and now denotes the practice of holding onto investments despite high market volatility and subpar market performance. The term "HODL" goes back to the name of "GameKyuubi" who initially misspelled it. GameKyuubi stated, "I AM HODLING," that he had to type the title "I AM HODLING" twice since he realized it was incorrect the first time. HODL has now become a method employed by people who recognize they do not have the ability to conduct short-term trades - such as scalping, day trading, or swing trading. It is because I am a lousy trader and I KNOW I AM A lousy TRADER. A similar term, BUIDL, which is frequently used by the cryptocurrency community to describe the various applications that are being developed inside the blockchain sector, was also inspired by the phrase "HODL."